I Was Ransomed: Abigail Noral

I Was Kidnapped By: Female

I Was Taken To: Human

I Was Captive For: 22 years

I Was Hidden In: She looks just like her twin, tan and rich golden blond hair, except her eyes are of a deep blue color. Not to mention she’s a bit shorter than him. She stands at only 6'4 and weighs about 100lbs.

I Was Told What To Be: She shares a deep connection with her brother, but sometimes she doesn’t understand his ways. Abby doesn’t flaunt her beauty like her brother, even though she knows she’s not lacking in that area. She loves her family and does anything for them. Tough but fair, she tries to help everyone and do what’s best for them. She’s not easily pushed around, at least mentally, but she’s small and frail being a female so she can be physically. Although, she does have some muscle don’t get me wrong, but against males she really doesn’t stand a chance. However she would pity the one guy who ever striked her, for her twin would see him dead.

I Was Given Freedom: Born first. Niece to Lisa Nightingale.

Date Entering Valley:

Date of Death: N/A

Offspring: N/A

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