The Aspen Grove is one of the nine original packlands created in Sparkling Creek Valley. The majority of the territory rests on the foothills of the Croal Mountains and is just southeast of the Canyon. The eastern edge of the land extends towards Requiems River and a portion of Pike's Lake. Overall, the very western edge of this land is rugged where it shares space with the mountains, while the majority of it is made up of rolling hills and lowlands. Vegetation consists of mainly aspen, birch, and cedar forests, with meadowlands in the northern and eastern areas.

"This is a large territory made up mostly of forests and gentle hills. But there are several cliffs that can be hidden by the morning fog that rolls over the many hills early each day."

History 2002Edit

Aspen Mist was the original alpha male of the pack that took up residence in the area. In early 2002, Imber joined him as the alpha female, and together they sought to form a stronger pack to keep them and their land safe from the other growing packs in the area. During the spring and summer, the pack accquired two additional members, a younger female named Lilac, and an elder male Aquila. Unfortunately, tragedy befall the promising new pack when Aspen Mist was badly wounded in an accident, and his mate innexpicably went missing.

While things had taken a sudden downturn for the current leaders, a disgruntled member of the Sedge Creek pack saw this as a golden opportunity to get out of his low-ranking position with his current group and become leader of a new pack. After learning of the Aspen Grove's troubles from a chance meeting with Lilac, Moon Eyes wooed the young female and led her on an assault that left Aspen Mist dead, and Aquila badly wounded. In one swift strike, Moon Eyes and Lilac become the new alphas of the pack by fall of 2002. Unfortunately for them, their rank lasts only a few hours.

Stormfalcon, a friend of Aquila's and leader of the Silver Glades pack, vows to help the old wolf by recruiting one of her own friends, Firewalker. Together, Stormfalcon and Firewalker lead an assault of their own that ends in Moon Eyes' death and Lilac's demotion back to a subordinate position. Firewalker becomes the pack's alpha male.

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Current ResidenceEdit

This area is inhabited by the alpha wolf Starscream and his pack.

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