Name: Aspen Mist

Gender: Male

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Breed: 100% Gray Wolf

Date of Birth: April 2nd, 1998

Date Entering the Valley: Early 2002

Date of Death: September 30th, 2002

Cause of Death: He was killed by Moon Eyes, during a dominance fight for control of the Aspen Grove

Appearance: A mix of browns and blacks, with white cheeks, stomach, and paws.  Rich brown/amber eyes.

Mate: Imber

Littermates: N/A

Offspring: None

History: Aspen Mist became the first alpha of the Aspen Grove after discovering and claiming the land in early 2002.  He met Imber a short time after that, and the two soon became mates, with Imber taking the status of alpha female.  Aspen took time to show his new mate around the Valley, and later they met and accepted Lilac in their group, followed by an elderly male named Aquila.

A month later, Imber went missing.  Distraught, but determined to keep the pack strong, Aspen did what he could to build up their numbers and make friends.  During an outing with Aquila in the Croal Mountains, the pair came across a she-wolf stuck in a leg-hold trap, and immediately went to work to free her.  With Aquila standing guard against any humans, Aspen was able to pry tout he stake that held the trap in place, allowing the wolfess to break free and flee before any hunters arrived.  Though they did not learn of each others names at the time, Aquila and the wolfess, Stormfalcon, became friends shortly thereafter.

In mid September of 2002, Aspen Mist was badly wounded during a hunting accident.  Lilac saw this as an opportunity to usurp the alpha and establish herself as leader; a week later, she found and convinced a disgruntled omega from another pack, Moon Eyes, to join her in taking over the Aspen Grove.  When challenged, Aspen Grove fought back against the other male instead of standing down, and was killed in the ensuing battle.

After learning of Aspen's death, Stormfalcon turned to her friend Firewalker, and together they killed Moon Eyes and demoted Lilac back to a subordinate position.

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