The Breve Ridges are found within the Croal Mountains, further up a set of steep ridges from where the Ruins are located. The Temple of the Ancient Guardians can be found further along these same ridges, a little north of the Ruins.

These ridges are home to a spectacular set of waterfalls that cascade down steep rock faces and echo through the narrow, steeply sided ridges. In the coldest months of winter, the water freezes into an even more breathtaking display, though reaching the falls themselves, which are tucked at the very end of this small valley area, can be a treacherous venture.

Another feature of this area is its abundance of snow leopards, lynx, and cougars.

Noteworthy ResidenceEdit

Of the more 'friendly' felines, at least to canids and other felines, Lassoma can be found her. Vlanafh, Auna, and Sivinith are two other big cats that can be found here, though the later is known for her aggression towards others, particularly when she has kittens to defend.

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