Name: Bria

Gender: Female

Sire: Windsong

Dam: Tahti

Breed: 50% Arctic Wolf, 50% Coyote

Date Of Birth: December 1st, 2007

Date Entering the Valley: December 1st, 2007 (Born in SCV)

Date of Death: N/A

Generation in the Valley: 1st

Height: 12"

Weight: 35 lbs

Description: She is rather tiny for either species. It is probably because of the bone weakness and the position she had been in in the womb. Her coat is like an oreo except the two colors are white and brown, white being in the middle and brown on both ends. She will be really shaky and unstable when she walks for the rest of her life. She is also missing her left ear.

Littermates: Isabel, Rowan, Summit, Vale

Offspring: Baka, Chika, Crusher, Gash, Utopia, Stillborn

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