Sparkling Creek Valley Wiki

Over the past years, thousands of characters have come and gone, each leaving their own unique mark in Sparkling Creek Valley's history. Some, like Galar, have been around from the get-go, while others have wondered into the Valley, and still others have been born here over the years.

To quickly and easily locate a character, simply type their name in the search box, located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.  You can also peruse the sections below, where characters are listed in different categories.

Please note that there are many duplicate names, so some characters may have a '2', '3', '4', ect after their name, to denote them as a different character. 

The NPCs[]

  • Ederelus
  • Hav'Feera
  • Mortar
  • Tyali and the Silv Cove Pod
  • Ventisshou

Going by Species[]

This list should include only those characters that are still alive and active on the site.


  • Wolves (any character that is 100% wolf)
  • Wild Canines (coyotes, dingos, ect that are 100% pure blooded)
  • Domestic Breeds (all domestic breeds, whether they're mutts or purebreds)
  • Hybrids (any mix of canine that has any 'wild canine'. This is a big list.)



  • Wild Felines (any character that is 100% of any wild breed)
  • Domestic Cats (whether owned or feral, these are your average house cats)
  • Hybrid Cats (any feline other than house cats that are of mixed blood)


When They Joined[]

This list contains both the characters that have joined Sparkling Creek Valley via the Joining board, and those that were born on the site.

Those Born Here[]

This list includes only those born in Sparkling Creek Valley.

Those no longer in the Valley[]

Whether the character has died, gone missing, or has left the Valley, they belong in these lists.