Name: Cortinarri

Cortinarius violaceus, Of a devious mettle. Nature's calamitous, Can be fatal.

Gender: Female

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Breed: 100% Gray Wolf

Date of Birth: December 23rd, 1998

Date Entering the Valley: December 24th, 2001

Date of Death: N/A

Description: She is mostly a grizzled mix of soft grays and medium tans, with a white throat patch and amber eyes.

Offspring: Isias, Starscream, Sylar, Valian


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After making her home in Sparkling Creek Valley, Manov was her first true love. Years later, it was Vestige that she settled down with to start a family, and she remained with him until his untimely murder in 2007.

Cortinarri had one daughter with her upon arriving at Sparkling Creek Valley, and years later, she produced another litter with Vestige. Of that, she had two sons and two daughters; Sylar, Isias, Starscream, and Valian.

In earlier days, she rescued and adopted two abandoned pups named Amber and Charcoal, though their whereabouts are currently unknown.

To this day, Namir remains her best friend and a trusted guardian.

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