Name: Defcon (aka Greyfell)

Gender: Male

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Breed: 100% Burchell's Zebra

Date Of Birth: 2004

Date Entering the Valley: February 10th, 2008

Date of Death: N/A

Generation in the Valley: New Arrival

Description:He is melanistic. He has the same black and white stripes, but the black stripes are thicker, more and closer together. His face and rump are almost completely black with only thin stripes of white.

Offspring: Adolfo, Amnesiac, Casanova, Chaika, Cloudbreaker, Dreamhack, Dusk Storm, Eros, Faithless, Finn, Gage, Hokoron, In Rainbows, Lethal Injection, Luna Moth, Mankar, Mitchell, Mystery, Thanatos, The Joker, The Marine, Unique, Wildfire, Winchester

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