Sometimes, it's hard to tell if he's frowning or if he's smiling. At least if you're a wolf, you should be safe either way.

Galar is well known by most as one of the few local alligators that not only doesn't attack wolves, but actively tries to befriend them. His amiable nature towards wolves also extends towards their domestic cousins, as Galar doesn't see much difference between a full-blooded gray wolf and your average cocker spaniel, unlike some members of the resident orca pod.

When Galar isn't chatting with any wolf or dog that will give him the time of day, he is patroling his patch of land in Galar's Marsh, where he spends virtually all of his time. In the many years that he's lived in the Marsh, Galar has grown from your average sized gator to a mature, 29-year old, 12.8 foot long bull that isn't afraid to defend his turf from rival alligators and tresspassing humans. For his size and strength however, Galar isn't one to flaunt - unless its for the ladies.


Hatched in 1982, Galar was originally born in the Marsh where he currently resides. However, when a devastating fire broke out in 2000 and threatened to engulf his home, he decided to flee, making a frantic journey south where he left Sparkling Creek Valley behind. Though badly burned and exhausted from a long trip, Galar made use of streams and other water ways to hasten his travels, until finding a temporary home in an area known as Croalcile. His stay there lasted almost a year, wherein he healed from his wounds and befriended a number of wolves that had also fled the fires.

In mid 2001, Galar trekked northward to return to his birthplace, and once more took up residence in Galar's Marsh, along with a new wolf friend known as Star Gazer.

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After being convinced by his canine friends to watch over a clutch of eggs presumably orphaned after their mother failed to show up, Galar reluctantly took it upon himself to rear the baby gators. Of the many that hatched, only five survived their first few months, and of those, only two survived their first year. Akili was one of them, along with her brother Dima.

Being one of the more dominant alligators in Galar's Marsh, Galar courts many females during the breeding season, and has a number of offspring spread through the Valley, though it's his 'adopted' daughter and son that are best known.

He considers Starlit Eyes to be his closest friend.

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