This boggy land is named after its most famous resident, an alligator known as Galar. It's a popular place for animals and humans alike to travel to, though care sholud be taken to avoid becoming a snack to any of the other resident gators of the marsh.

"Galar's Marsh lies at the southern end of Pike's Lake, where Requiems River feeds out from. Consequently, a deep channel runs through the center of the marsh, which forms back into it's typical river structure at the southern end of the marsh. The northeastern edge of the Marsh is bordered by the Tall Grass Prairie, while the rest is fringed by a mix of meadow, coniferous, and deciduous forests."

Noteworthy ResidenceEdit

Galar remains the most infamous individual in the area, though others have been known to frequent the Marsh in the past. As of late 2010, Akili has returned and taken up residence, and can usually be found either in Galar's territory, or towards the southern end of the Marsh.


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