This area was opened in 2005 for animals (horses in particular) to claim. It encompasses the eastern portion of a shallow canyon system, one that it shared on the western end by the Azul Canyon area. The Golden Rose Canyon touches upon the edge of the Ashen Domes to the north, giving residence of this land a comfortable place to retreat to during the coldest days of winter. To the northwest are the Eskers, and directly south is the Oak Prairie area and Elk Stand Lake.


The first creature to lay claim to this land was a stallion named Buck, who took the territory in April of 2005. Though he was challenged by another stallion named Dash, he retained his hold on the area. Despite his initial success, Buck lost his claim when a new group of horses, led by Libertys Ride, moved in during August of the same year, claiming the land without a fight with the previous land owner.

The small group of horses held the land until mid 2006. A small quake rattled the land at this time, spilling noxious fumes into the air and opening faults in the earth, and it is believed that this may have either led to the death of the herd, or frightened them off the land.

Later in 2006, the Almuit Rune herd, led by Nhosh and Wycliff, established a home in the area. There they remained successfuly until a surprise attach by the Shadow Haunters in 2007, in which a great number of their stags were killed and the herd split up and conqured. Those that survived the fight and failed to escape the onslaught were herded up and moved into an abandoned enclosure once used by humans who had a deer farm on the land. They remained there, under guard by the Haunters, and used as an easy food supply for the pack when needed, as well as for producing stags that could serve as guards back at the Ruins.

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Current ResidenceEdit

This Golden Rose Canyon herd lives here, a deer herd led by Sasha and Legend.

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