The mule deer Everest took control of the land in July of 2008, bringing with him a number of allies from other packs to secure his claim against the Shadow Haunters who had possession of the area since 2007. Though there was a stand off between Everest and his allies, and a group of Haunters who showed up to defend their land, the Haunter eventually gave up the area to the buck and left without a fight.

After claiming the territory, Everest set free the deer herd imprisoned in the abandoned deer farm, which had been used and guarded by the Haunters until they were forced from the land. A majority of these deer, deeply ingrained in the religion and teachings of the Haunters, and following the lead of the old hind Vlar, rejected Everest's help and rejoined the Haunters at the Ruins. Only Nhosh remained behind to thank the mule deer for liberating him.

The Golden Rose Canyon herd has remained in the area since that take over, though today it is Legend, son of Nhosh and Wycliff, that leads the band along side the lead hind, Sasha.

Herd StatusEdit

Lead Stag: Legend

Lead Hind: Sasha

Captain: Everest

Stags: Rosco, Kilamanjaro, Kamir, Snowdon, Charr, Typha, Blizzard, Meru, Kanguskon, Chido, Chorne, Zephyr, Taylo, Bay, Griffen, Necris, Aktain

Hinds: Tyree, Kazbek, Dana, Zulia, Janga, Halti, Enkeli, Sprinkles, Cassia, Black Squall, Sassy, Endellion, Ayala, Ursla, Kari, Ipswih, Hya, Sassy


Other Residents: Papillon, Leo, Lola, Mankar, Winchester

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