Name: Halberd

Gender: Male

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Breed: 100% Eastern Gray Wolf

Date Of Birth: 2006

Date Entering the Valley: April 29th, 2011

Generation in the Valley: New Arrival

Date of Death: N/A

Height: 32"

Weight: 95 lbs

Description: Halberd isn't an enormous wolf, weighing in at only 95 pounds and 32 inches at the shoulder, but his agile frame gives him an advantage when chasing fast prey. He has a medium build and long, lanky legs with strong leg muscles. This makes him a superb hunter, and his thick coat aids him in the winter. Overall he is black with gray hairs liberally mixed in, giving him a dark silver appearance. His legs, however, lack the black hairs and are purely gray. His eyes are a soft shade of copper.

Littermates: Unknown

Offspring: Falmer, Faolan, Herobrine, Imperial, Iopa, Lore, Luxio, Zauto

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