Name: Haunt

Gender: Female

Sire: Windsong

Dam: Klavida

Breed: 50% Arctic Wolf, 35% Gray Wolf, 12.5% Coyote, 2.5% German Shepherd

Date Of Birth: February 1st, 2008

Date Entering the Valley: February 1st, 2008 (Born in SCV)

Date of Death: N/A

Generation in the Valley: 3rd

Height: 3'2"

Weight: 120 lbs

Description: She has a pure white face, while the rest of her body is tan. Her tail is white, with some tan mixed in. Her eyes are like her father's.

Littermates: Minke, Spice, Storm Bird, Virosa, Vulpin

Offspring: Dominic, Dominique, Echo, Gangly, Joquis, Tosca

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