Name: Hellbound

Gender: Female

Sire: Lux

Dam: Bulletproof

Breed: 37.5% Grey Wolf, 31.25% Coyote, 31.25% Arctic Wolf

Date Of Birth: September 8th, 2012

Date Entering the Valley: September 8th, 2012 (Born in SCV)

Date of Death: N/A

Height: 26"

Weight: 80 lbs

Description: Her coat is a grizzled grey, with a white ‘vest’ pattern on her chest like her mother, and a white ‘mask’ pattern on her face. Her tail is white tipped too. She is very lean, and her features strongly resemble her coyote blood, while her fur texture is very much that of a wolf. She has very dark eyes, that have shades of purple if the light hits them right.

Littermates: Sabre, (Stillborn), (Stillborn)

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