Drawing its name from Russian mythology, Indrik is a small group started by four brothers, of which three remain alive, along with their father and their now-deceased cousin. They are generally a docile organization, but they are known for vehemently and violently defending what they believe in.

The group is currently scattered all over Sparkling Creek Valley, with members living anywhere from residential areas to Tears of Dew Isle. It is not uncommon for them to wander from their homes, often spending several nights in the wilderness.

Current StatusEdit

Leader: Viktor Volkov

Members: Arkadiy Kaminski, Dimitri Volkov, Konstantin Volkov, Shasta Wild-Volkova

Children: Calandra Volkova, Reina Volkova

Former Members: Angela Volkova (deceased), David Volkov (deceased), Lark Volkova (deceased)

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