Jais was born on October 10th, 2002 in the Sedge Creek Pack, to Storm Alarm and Glider. His litter mates include two brothers, Cavan and Railu, and two sisters, Nachi and an unnamed female.

He was the only one in his litter to be born almost pure white, unlike either of his parents. The only mark on him is a streak of black that runs across his left shoulder and side, as if he rubbed up against a freshly tarred surface. His eyes are also brighter than the rest of his siblings, being a light yellow color.

Of his brothers and sister, Jais is also the healthiest, both mentally and physically. He has a quiter nature and is without the vengeful, quick-to-anger mentailty of Cavan, nor the lack of sanity that Nachi suffers from most of the time. Yet he is not a reserved wolf either, and will speak out when he feels it is appropriate, and doesn't hesitate to step in and help strangers when he can.

Today, Jais roams the Valley as a lone wolf. He spends much time with his closest friend, Nightcrawler, and the two often join up to hunt, or simply spend time together.


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