Name: Kaos

Gender: Male

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Breed: 45% Gray Wolf, 30% German Shepherd, 15% Doberman, 10% Boxer

Date Of Birth: 2002

Date Entering the Valley: January 6th, 2007

Date of Death: N/A

Description: He is a massive creature, with a lot of power. He got his size, height, and wild instincts mostly from the timber wolf, and he towers above most other canines. He got his hard head(literally) and extraordinary senses mostly from the German Shepherd. He can smell and hear things over a mile away, given the right place, and could easily ram into anything hard without hurting his head at all. His scruff is a pure black color, while his chest is white, and then his whole head is black again. There is a white stripe going across his forehead and then one going up from his nose, in the shape much of a cross(very showy). His legs are dark brown, with white paws, and then his midsection is sorta like brindle, but with black, white, brown, and even a bit of silver mixed in, like "splashes and slashes." His underside is silvery, and then his tail is engulfed with black and a silver tip. His left eye is a dark color, which most claim to be black, but others say it's just a brown. No one really knows. His right eye is a dark, pearly blue with not-so-noticable flecks of a deep rusty red around the center. His legs are long and lithe, mostly from his Doberman side, and he has a lot of good muscle that he never puts to waste. He's not the giant, stocky kind, either. More than enough strength that most others don't possess-- he can easily overpower an underweight creature and outsmart those whom don't have enough skill. His fur is thick and a bit shaggy, adding to protection from more than just the bitter cold, but there are also many areas where the fur is shorter or somewhat missing-- burnt right off before.

Offspring: Demolition, Havik, Misery, Notorious, Omen, Riot

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