Name: Kerberos

Gender: Male

Sire: Abbadon

Dam: Amari

Breed: 75% Coyote, 22.5% Gray Wolf, & 2.5% German Shepherd

Date Of Birth: January 19th, 2009

Date Entering the Valley: January 19th, 2009 (Born in SCV)

Generation in the Valley: 3rd

Date of Death: N/A

Height: 30"

Weight: 90 lbs

Description: He has the complete build of a wolf, very heavyset and powerful. Due to his father's inbreeding, his back is very weak and his back legs have a slight limp to. He is tan and grey, with black on his sides and back. His tail is exceptionally long, with a white tip. His underside is white, as are his inner forearms and thighs. Light brown eyes.

Littermates: Astra, Bryne, Convict, Haemon

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