The Manahcob Downs are located in a lowland area of the Valley, where it is partially surrounded by Sparkling Creek on all sides but its southern border. Directly southeast of the Downs is the Tabumrot Scar, and further to the east, Requiems River. Because of its location in the lower lying lands and it's proximity to Sparkling Creek and the Scar, this patch of land is particularly vulnerable to flooding during heavy rains, particularly in early spring.

Much of the area is split between deciduous forest, open medows, and bogs.


The Manahcob Downs was one of several new territories introduced in 2005, initially intended to offer lands for horse characters. Fairy Tale Prince, an Arabian-Andalusian mix stallion, was the first to claim the land in April of 2005. Shortly after claiming his new home, Prince went missing from the area, and a new stallion by the name of Switchblade moved in as the new landowner in July.

By August of the same year, three mares had joined the small herd; Hoax, Ayla, and Scratch. In addition to them, Switchblade permited Tobias, a redtailed hawk, to live amongst the group as well, bringing the group to five members. Though he was challenged during this time by Snowmount, Switchblade managed to beat the other stallion and retain hold of his land and his harem.

By the beginning of 2006, Switchblade and his herd vanished from the land for unknown reasons, and a host of other horses ghosted in and out of the lands. Dust Devil was the next to claim the Manahcob Downs in January, but by mid February, he too disappeared while neighboring stallions took advantage of the lack of leadership in the area and lured prospective mares from the Downs to their own cadres.

Spirit was the fourth stallion to claim the land, doing so in June of 2006. By December of the same year, with Spirit's whereabouts unknown and no other horses within the area, Harquiem and Yarrow were the next to inhabit the area. Again, this claim was short-lived as yet another stallion, one named Aaron, came unchallenged into the area in February 2007. He was soon joined by a blind mare, Whisper.

By May 2007, Bamboo made a brief claim over the land in the name of the Shadow Haunters, until it was taken over by Tahti in November.

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Current ResidenceEdit

This land is currently held by the Paslen-Proval, lead by the alpha female Amari. Along with them, the Night Watch, The Rebels, and a herd of horses make this area their home.

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