Name: Maurinaki

Gender: Female

Sire: Ekriel

Dam: Swift Feather

Breed: 56.25% Aftican Lion, 25% Cougar, 7.8125% South China Tiger, 6.25% Siberian Tiger, 3.125% Snow Leopard, 1.5625% Sumatran Tiger

Date Of Birth: July 10th, 2016

Date Entering the Valley: July 10th, 2016 (Born in SCV)

Generation in the Valley: 7th

Date of Death: N/A

Weight: 505 lbs

Description:: She is a medium orange-tan color with a white underside. Her head is a little darker tan, while her muzzle and cheeks are white. Though large, she has the sleek head of the cougar and the, and a very long tail. She has dark brown stripes. Light yellow eyes.

Littermates: Kabati

Offspring: Nalari, Stormfur, Zanarah

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