Sparkling Creek Valley Wiki

Name: Morgan

Gender: Male

Sire: James

Dam: Nightshade

Breed: 31.25% Coyote, 31.25% Gray Wolf, 25% African Wild Dog, 12.5% Arctic Wolf

Date Of Birth: December 28th, 2008

Date Entering the Valley: December 28th, 2008 (Born in SCV)

Generation in the Valley: 4th

Date of Death: N/A

Weight: 185 lbs

Description: He has the tallness and ears of the african wild dog. He has the fur of the gray wolf and face of the coyote. His body has longer fur then his head which has very short fur. He is all gray with a white shaped star on his forehead, made for strength.

Littermates: Astra, Chanamene, Orion, Sirius, Snow Angel, Volki, Stillborn, Stillborn, Stillborn, Stillborn

Offspring: Anarchist, Khaos, Sinful, Tungsten, Stillborn

Identification: XD95