Name: Nramiena

Gender: Female

Sire: Dreadpaw

Dam: Zelsa

Breed: 37.5% Cougar, 25% Bornean Clouded Leopard, 25% Black Leopard, 12.5% Snow Leopard

Date Of Birth: February 21st, 2010

Date Entering the Valley: February 21st, 2010 (Born in SCV)

Generation in the Valley: 4rd

Date of Death: N/A

Weight: 90 lbs

Description:: She's got more of the panther's body structure, but the blunt, wide-nosed face of the snow leopard. She also has very long, pure white whiskers that look too big for her face. Her color is black, although in the sunlight, one can see the the rosettes masked in her fur, throughout her body. Grey eyes.

Littermates: Hell Raiser, Twilight

Offspring: None

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