This group, who's name means 'New Dawn', came about after a number of disgruntled Shadow Haunters defected from the pack to start their own, striving to carry on the vision that Risen had preached so strongly about. Today, the Nuova Alba's views are similar to those of Risen's, with a goal to build up a powerful, unmatchable pack to one day soon sweep over the Valley and unify the land under one banner.

What triggered the formation of the Nuova Alba was a pack-wide vote amongst the Shadow Haunters to elect a new leader after Risen and Hidden Betrayal disappeared. During the lead-up to voting, Velvet conspired amongst many in the pack, hoping to shift their views to vote for Tumult, who invisioned bringing the Haunters back to their roots, but was viewed by many with controversy for his desire to bring Hydras into the pack. Velvet's plans ultimately failed when last minute voters showed up, swinging the tally from being in Tumult's favor to providing a narrow victory for Grayfel.

Not agreeing with what she saw weakness and a loss of direction in how Greyfell was now leading the pack, Velvet continued to conspire with other likeminded individuals, quietly gathering allies to her cause that included Bandit, the Coalition, and a great number of other felines within the Shadow Haunters. Primarily confiding in Bandit, the two sought out ways to subtley insight mistrust and outright conflict with the other packs - primarily with the Shadow Lurkers and the Ancient Guardians, whom had been their mortal enemies up until the change in Haunter leadership. Before they could inact on many of these plots, those loyal to Greyfell caught wind of their schemes and they were forced to leave the pack.

By the beginning of 2010, the group of defectors had banded together after being somewhat splintered for some months. Under the united leadership of Bandit and Velvet, they seized control of the Suporvestus Basin, a strategically fortified piece of land, and officially adopted the banner of Nuova Alba.


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Commander: Bandit

Oracle: Velvet

The Coalition: Leopeson, Martimoor, Onslaught, Ardeth, Paranoia, Gargoyle, Plaque, Bubonic

Felines: Caliana, Callholm, Camanche, Dulsca, Dune, Dusk Stalker, Dusquei, Igans, Leope, Rampart, Rune, Shinnan, Soyala, Stranglethorn, Yarra, Yarrow, Influenza, Nemu

Canines: Arocheae, Boulderdash, Kapp, Lupanare, Silverdawn, Sunburst, Kamari, Vaermina, Dante, Kinshasa, Harrow, Dynas, Madusa, Layra, Zuko, Katara, Azula

Den Watchers: Ginger, Little Tuft

Young: Toxic

Elders: Incalia

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