This is the only major bay found along the the eastern coastline of Sparkling Creek Valley. It is located just northof the Requiems River delta and Tears of Dew Isle, and opens up to into the Ferral Sea. The land around the bay is formed primarily out of dark rocks that rise into short cliffs further north along the coastline. Though there are a few patches of sandy, silt-black beaches found along the bay, the majority of the ground is rocky and takes some care to navigate safely over.

This area has long been a popular place for humans to congregate, and sports a small pier and loading dock for boats. It is also the home of the Silv Cove Pod, and frequently attracts other passing marine mammals.


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Noteworthy ResidenceEdit

For many years, this bay has been the heart of the Silv Cove Pod's territory. Tyali is perhaps one of the better known residence of this group of orcas, and much like his counterpart in Galar's Marsh, he is particularly fascinated by wolves and enjoys their company. It should be noted however that not all members of this pod are canine friendly, and one in particular is aggressive with humans.

Seadashen is another familiar here, and is one of the rare few seals to be found in the bay amongst his kind's would-be predators. Along with him, Feera occassionally passes through the bay between her time in Pike's Lake and the Ferral Sea.

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