Sparkling Creek Valley Wiki

The first organizations in the Valley consisted of wolf packs for the first few years. Once horses were added to the game, herds started popping up, followed by human gangs, lion prides, and curious conglomerations of animals grouping up into 'super packs', such as the Shadow Haunters.

Some groups, like the Aspen Grove, are recognized by a specific piece of land, whose occupants come and go over the course of years as old leaders fall and new ones move in. Others, like the Shadow Lurkers, are known for the individuals that make up the group, and last only as long as those individuals are there to keep the group together and alive. When those members leave, the group ceases to exist, such as the case with the defeated Alley Pack.

Current Animal Groups[]

This list contains the groups that are currently active and in the game, whether they're known simply as the Silver Glades pack, or whether they have a unique title for themselves.

Current Human Groups[]

This list contains gangs and various orginzations that are currently active in the game.

  • Cryptic Silvers
  • E.A.R.T.H.
  • Indrik

The Pack Lands[]

These are the divisions of land through Sparkling Creek Valley that never change. Those groups that control these areas may have an alternate name for their pack or herd, but the area itself never loses its original title.

Disbanded Groups[]

These are the groups that are no longer in the game, for one reason or another.

  • Alley Pack
  • Ancient Guardians
  • Avalanche Grove
  • Azul Canyon
  • Calypte Ranges
  • Emerald Pines
  • Green Haven
  • Hidden Meadows
  • Hidden Oasis
  • High Cliffs
  • Lost Valley
  • Oak Prairie
  • Ocean Breeze Forest
  • Ochotona Mountains
  • Prairie Falls
  • Pyrola Fields
  • Shadow Hedge
  • Shimmer Valley
  • South of Heaven
  • Storm Valley
  • White River Mountain Range