"This is a large lake with many streams and marshes around it. There are, as the name might suggest, many pike here. This is a good place to hunt them! There are some dangerous things such as alligators, crocodiles, sharks, and snakes, which can survive in the vast lake thanks to the valley's extensive thermal features. "

This large lake is one of the better known hangouts for the local wildlife, and named for its abundance of pike and other large, freshwater fish species. Humans also enjoy the scenic lake, particular in the summer when fishing, boating, and camping draw many families and sportsmen to the area.

"The lake is fed by Requiems River, which feeds into the northern end, coming straight from the Canyon. To the south end lies Galar's Marsh, which is also where the River channels out from. To the northeast is the Tall Grass Prairie."

Noteworthy ResidenceEdit

For the most part, Pike's Lake has been a relatively neutral area, aside from a few cabin houses dotting the shores here and there. It wasn't until 2006* that the lake was visited by a pregnant, female bull shark, who subsequently found the calm waters to her liking and settled in.


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