Requiems River cuts straight through the heart of Sparkling Creek Valley, and is easily the largest and most powerful river system in the area. It enters the Valley after winding through the Canyon, and continues on, feeding through Pike's Lake and Galar's Marsh before emptying into the Ferral Sea at it's delta, just south of Orca Bay.

Requiem's River once ran through the Emerald Pines and Storm Valley areas before shifting into a new path that now takes it through the modern day Atroe City, splitting the modest town into two distinct halves. Prior to reaching the city, Requiems River is joined by the White River, which in turn is connected with the Sedge Creek and Sparkling Creek. With this added water, the river is particularly swift and wide before reaching Atroe City, increasing the town's risk of flooding.

Events of InterestEdit

In 2008, Requiems River overflowed its banks, causing severe flooding in Atroe City, as well as destroying several cabins along its banks.

Having no dams in place, this wide river is known for its frequent vists by requiem sharks and other large ocean fish that are adapted to survive brackish and freshwater environments. The most infamous of these is Hav'Feera, who can frequently be found in Pike's Lake.

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