Name: Rhaff

Gender: Male

Sire: Draccan

Dam: Tequilla

Breed: 40% Gray Wolf, 31.25% Coyote, 12.5% Arctic Wolf, 6.25% Akbash Dog, 3.12% Tervuren Shepherd, 1.5% Kuvasz, 1.25% Long-haired Collie, 1.25% Lurcher, 1.25% Belgian Malinios, 1% Azwakh Hound, 0.63% German Shepherd

Date Of Birth: February 21th, 2010

Date Entering the Valley: Feburary 21th, 2010 (Born in SCV)

Date of Death: N/A

Generation in the Valley: 5th

Description: He is very lanky just like his father with a thick coat like the Arctic Wolf, making him look a good bit larger than he really is. His color is a light gray with slightly darker gray brindle markings. His front paws are white as well as half of his tail. His eyes are very wolfish as are his facial features, his eyes are a deep amber in color.

Littermates: Dracula, Ocreata, Patsa

Offspring: Hulan

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