Name: Saturn

Gender: Male

Sire: Jupiter

Dam: Doloris

Breed: 83.125% Gray Wolf, 6.25% Arctic Wolf, 8.75% Siberian Husky, and 1.875% Akita

Date Of Birth: August 8th, 2008

Date Entering the Valley: August 8th, 2008 (Born in SCV)

Date of Death: N/A

Generation in the Valley: 3rd

Height: 37"

Weight: 120 lbs

Description: He is not built quite as lithe and wiry as his father, but his agility and speed are still his strongest assets. He looks remarkably like a husky in build, though his face and straight, brushy tail are all wolf-like. His fur is a rich, creamy tan, with a circle of black around his right eye, and a black tail. His lower jaw, throat, and underbelly are all white, while his eyes are honey-orange.

Littermates: Brook, Venus

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