This infamous pack was formed in the summer of 2006 by Risen, who had initially been raised in the Opake Mountains pack and then with the Shadow Lurkers. Her goal had been to overthrow Hydras and rule the Lurkers herself, but after realizing that her plan wouldn't work on account of the pack's strict loyalties to one another, the young wolf set out with an ambitious goal to establish her own revolutionary pack. Her intentions were to unite the entire Valley under her rule, and to transform it into 'Shadow Valley'.

Though Risen is no longer in control of the Shadow Haunters, and her whereabouts unknown, she was massively successful in bringing together one of the most powerful forces the Valley had seen, by uniting several species under one banner, and enforcing a strict code of conduct and unshakable belief in their mission to overtake the Valley.

Today, the Shadow Haunters have moved away from their original goals as leaderships have changed. Though they are still a strong pack, they have put aside their confrontations with other groups and are now more nuetral in Valley politics. The Shadow Haunters are currently led by Greyfell.


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Leader: Greyfell

Captain: Cavan

Warriors: Ahote, Bergamot, Chatan, Corticasi, Destroying Angel, Druid, Huerosan, Lion, Monarda, Nahimana, Nuavi, Oswega, Spear, Tersek, Thunder's Call, Ursa, Warfell, Yepa

Guards: Cloudbreaker, Dima, Dragonfly, Frostlit, Italia, Kankulak, Kintanese, Leviandra, Nightshade, Seditio, Voltair, Wolf Eye

Converters: Donte

Strategists: Geinah

Scouts: Dally, Erathi

Elders: Dandelion

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