Name: Shadowstep

Gender: Female

Sire: Tuini

Dam: Menace

Breed: 50% African Lion, 25% Siberian Tiger, 12.5% Snow Leopard, 6.25% Sumatran Tiger, 6.25% South China Tiger.

Date Of Birth: October 18th, 2019

Date Entering the Valley: October 18th, 2019 (Born in SCV)

Generation: 5th

Date of Death: N/A

Weight: 589 lbs

Description:: She has a distinctly lion-like build and face, but with thicker fur around her cheeks and a slightly denser coat like the tiger. Her coat is a gray-tan with hints of blue along her spine and tail. Faint gray stripes run along her body and tail. Cloud-gray eyes.

Littermates: Melinu, Teri

Offspring: N/A

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