Name: Silverdawn

Gender: Male

Sire: Tersek

Dam: Bellatrix

Breed: 84.38% Gray Wolf, 6.25% Husky, 6.25% Tervuren Shepherd, 3.12% Arctic Wolf

Date Of Birth: February 9th, 2010

Date Entering the Valley: February 9th, 2010 (Born in SCV)

Generation in the Valley: 7th

Date of Death: N/A

Weight: 150 lbs

Description: He is a mid build between his mother and father. He has the rounded, small ears of the arctic wolf and also their smaller muzzle. He has the shepherd's long, fluffy fur. His color is all grizzled gray that fades to silver on his undersides.

Littermates: Goliath, Larsan, Lupanare, Madusa

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