Name: Storm Alarm

Gender: Female

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Breed: 100% Gray Wolf

Date Entering the Valley: September 19th, 2001

Date of Death: 2003

Weight: 96 lbs

Description: Storm Alarm is an equal mix of white and black, with a bit of contrasting dark brown thrown in along her back and on the top of her head. Her cheeks and the areas around her eyes and sides of her muzzle are all off-white. Light brown-yellow eyes.

Littermates: Quamia, Sedge Fur

Offspring: Cavan, Jais, Nachi, Railu, Unnamed

History and DetailsEdit

Storm Alarm was a wolf described as being an equal mix of black and white, with dark brown thrown in along her back and head. She had off-white patches of fur around her eyes, forehead, and muzzle, and had brownish yellow eyes. She weighed in at 96 pounds, being a relatively strong wolf.

She was born in 1997, and traveled with her brother Sedge Fur and sister Quamia to Sparkling Creek Valley in September of 2001. While Sedge Fur took up the mantle of alpha male upon claiming the Sedge Creek, Storm Alarm became the beta, along with her mate Glider.

In October of 2002, the pair produced their first and only litter: Jais, Cavan, Nachi, Railu, and an unnamed female. Shortly after this, a kodiac bear named Athara attacked the den site, killing the nameless female and stealing away Cavan and Nachi, despite Storm Alarm and her pack's best efforts to drive the large predator away. With their two remaining sons, Storm Alarm and Glider continued their lives in the Sedge Creek pack until a savage storm led to the death of Sedge Fur, and pressumably, his mate Shadow. With no alphas, Storm Alarm eventually assumed leadership of the pack, along with her mate.

In April 2004, Storm Alarm was walking with Quamia when Glider, stricken with rabies, attacked them. Quamia managed to avoid being bitten, but Storm Alarm wasn't so lucky. Unwilling to fight back against her mate, a terrified and confused Storm Alarm fled with her sister from the territory to get away from her crazed mate. A short time after this, she infected Target with a shallow bite when the shepherd startled her by running into her and Quamia while they were relaxing at the Ashen Domes.

Later on that month, Storm Alarm had wondered into Galar's Marsh, where she frequently came to visit Galar. Only this time, the virus she had contracted had already addled her mind and memory, and she attempted to attack Flurry upon seeing the young wolf. Galar intervened by grabbing a hold of his friend, who responded by trying to attack him. In the end, despite trying to be as gentle as possible, Galar's bite caused serious damage to Storm Alarm's head and neck, and rendered her virtually immobile. He guarded his fallen friend for over a day, distraught and worried about her behavior, until she eventually died of her injuries and the complications brought on by the virus.

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