The SunSet Beach was formerly known as the Stardusted Plains, referring to a small stretch of short grassland in the southeastern corner of the area. Its current name reflects the small pockets of black, sandy beaches nestled here and there along the Ebontarn Sea along the southern border of the area. The majority of this land stretches into the White River Mountain Range, and includes the highest lake in the Valley - Lake of the Havens.

Because of its rough georaphy and position in the corner of the Valley, SunSet Beach offers more natural protection against humans and other rival animal groups, who either have to traverse the great mountain or go completely around it to reach the heart of the territory.


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Current ResidenceEdit

Lead by a Welsh Pony named Lilith, this territory is inhabited by a herd of ponies. This herd has had claim over the land since November of 2010.

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