This boggy area is located in the central, lowlands portion of Sparkling Creek Valley, and thus is prone to flooding during the spring and during heavy rainfall during the summer. It is partially surrounded by Sparkling Creek, with four major areas around it - Manahcob Downs, Toklat Canyon, Green Haven, and Lost Valley.

Since 2010, this area has come to be known as the Tabumrot Scar after a yet unknown agent caused the death of almost all the surrounding vegetation and wildlife, rendering the area a virtual dead zone that has persisted to this day. Some mosses and ferns continue to live, but fungi have now taken over the area and give the dead bog a distinctive, musty odor. On dark nights, the trees and fallen branches can be seen to have very pale, glowing green-white veins streaking along the wood, cause by a bioluminescence in the fungi's mycelium.

This place was once known as the Spinulose Bog, a name it earned for its abundance of the spinulose wood fern. Today, this is one of the very few plants that can be found still growing in the tainted area, though their numbers are drastically reduced, and most plants have a limited lifespan.


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Noteworthy ResidenceEdit

Avalanche was once a very well known inhabitant of the Scar, until his capture by Nadeem Tarak in early 2010, after which he was transfered to E.A.R.T.H. for rehabilitation and study. Today, one of Avalanche's luecistic offspring Mortar has taken his place in the Scar.

Attracted by the weakened animals and abundance of carcasses in the Tabumrot Scar, Ederelus also made the bog her home in 2010.

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