Name: Tahti

Gender: Female

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Breed: 100% Coyote

Date Of Birth: 1996

Date Entering the Valley: February 1st, 2007

Date of Death: May 3rd, 2008

Description: Tan and gray with flecks of black, pure tan on her muzzle, legs and ears. A black line runs from the base of her tail to the end, with a black-tipped tail. Her underside is pure white.

Littermates: Unknown

Offspring: Apocalypse, Arson, Aurinka, Bear, Big Wolf, Black Ivory, Blindside, Bria, Grey, Halo, Hector, Iota, Isabel, Kajastava, Leila, Liekki, Little Flame, Lotus, Omaha, Owl, Predator, Rowan, Sekunti, Shield, Summit, Swift, Taija, Taina, Tainted, Tero, Vale, Vertigo, White Fox, Stillborn

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