Of all the areas in the Wild Lands, the Tall Grass Prairie has remained the most popular place for characters to mingle and interact. It was also one of the tweleve original IC boards created for the Sparkling Creek Valley.

The Tall Grass Prairie covers a wide swath of land in the northern section of the Valley, with points stretching from Pike's Lake, Galar's Marsh, the Ochotona Mountains, and further east towards Azul Canyon and the Eskers.

"The northern edge of the prairie is boarded by a lower stretch of the Ochotona Mountains. To the west, there lies a mixture of deciduous and coniferous forests, while the eastern edge is bordered by shorter grass prairies and then tundra. To the north east are the Eskers. And in the south, Requiems River runs horizontally, bordering the Prairie until it loops down again on its journey towards the sea."


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Noteworthy InhabitantsEdit

Ventisshou is known to visit this area now and then.

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