Sparkling Creek Valley Wiki

Sparkling Creek Valley was officially opened on September 19, 2001, on the then popular host site, created by Kyla. But before it became known as SCV, it was simply 'Sparkling Creek', a minnow rpg. Needless to say, minnows weren't a great hit and Sparkling Creek didn't go very far, but after ten or so attempts at opening other games based around a range of different species and themes, Kyla fell back on the one sure-fire animal that most games of that time revolved around. Wolves.

Sticking with the Sparkling Creek title, 'Valley' was simply thrown on at the end and the site was reworked into a wolf rpg in 2000, with a sister site connected to it known as Cedar Creek Valley. The game didn't fare well, and in early 2001 a great fire spread through the land and drove out many of the characters, including the oldest character still surviving in the current game, Galar. Sparkling Creek Valley was officially closed at that point, and remained that way until it was reopened in September 2001.

Since Expage didn't require any knowledge of HTML whatsoever, the advertisements for SCV were... a little lacking in the first few years.

Sparkling Creek Valley has gone through a lot of changes through the years, and has had several different board and site hosts. InsideTheWeb provided the first message boards for the game (prior to it's official opening in 2001), followed by and the then boards. It wasn't until early 2005 that were added (it was also the same time that all the boards adopted a universal color, where they had before been a variety of different colors with no particular theme).

Originally hosted on, the site suffered a crash in 2003 after one of's servers failed. Though the boards weren't affected, all the webpages associated with SCV, including the main page, were lost without any sort of backup. The game was put back together in under a day on a new main page, and remained on until a backup site was created in 2004, using as the host. Both versions remained in use until shut down in 2007, and by that time, SCV had moved to Unfortunately, only two years after that, also shut down, and the site had to be moved again, this time to a paid host, where it remains to this day.

The Members[]

As with any site, Sparkling Creek Valley only exists because of its members and the characters they bring to the game. SCV has been lucky in having many creative, long-time members that have been with the site for years. And though many of the older players are no longer with the game, their characters and their legacies, and the ideas they've brought to the site continue to have influence in the Valley today.

The Members, past and present.

  • Kyla (current member & Owner)
  • Firefly (current member)
  • KittyBankaiNya~ (AKA Kitty) (current member)
  • Katie (Current Member)