The Ruins are based in the Croal Mountains, and one of the two mostly intact temples built by an ancient civillization that once inhabited Sparkling Creek Valley. The other site is known as the Temple of the Ancient Guardians, and is located further up in the mountains, west of the Ruins.

Earlier in the Valley's history, the Ruins was a safe place to go for wolves and other animals, since very few humans knew the location even existed, and hunting had never been a problem. Today, the Ruins has seen some altercations made by the Shadow Haunters, who haved lived in the area since 2006, and to this day, retain a strong hold on it. One of the most notable changes is the flooding of a small structure by a nearby creek, so that it is now partially submerged and surrounded by a deep moat of water. This ancient building is known as Dima's Temple.


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Noteworthy ResidenceEdit

Since 2006, the Ruins has been under the rule of the Shadow Haunters pack.

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