Name: Torture

Gender: Male

Sire: ??

Dam: ??

Breed: 100% Gray Wolf

Date Entering the Valley: April 6th, 2006

Date of Death: N/A

Description: He is a very large black male wolf with silver eyes. He has a silver marking down and around his mid section that looks to be a chain.

Littermates: Torment, Traitor

Offspring: Addicted, Avril, Betrayal, Breakdown, Captivated, Crisis, Dromas, Eos, Erida, Essence, Hysteria, Nix, Player, Psycho, Redemption, Seether, Siren, Tarnished, Thantos, Thunder, Vengeance, Vikarious, Yatara, Stillborn

Bloodline in the ValleyEdit

Offspring: 24

Descendants: 40

Generations: 3

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