Name: Nramiena

Gender: Female

Sire: Dreadpaw

Dam: Zelsa

Breed: 37.5% Cougar, 25% Bornean Clouded Leopard, 25% Black Leopard, 12.5% Snow Leopard

Date Of Birth: February 21st, 2010

Date Entering the Valley: February 21st, 2010 (Born in SCV)

Generation in the Valley: 4rd

Date of Death: N/A

Weight: 120 lbs

Description:: She looks like a leopard-cougar mix, only with legs that are a little shorter, and a very long, thickly furred tail. Her muzzle is a bit longer too, and her canine teeth are quite pronounced. Her coloration is a buff color, with the faint markings of the clouded leopard along her face, back, and sides, and rosettes along her shoulders and haunches. She has large, thick paws, and will be good at climbing trees and running through thick snow. Golden eyes.

Littermates: Hell Raiser, Nramiena

Offspring: None

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