Windsong, a white Arctic Wolf, was born outside of Sparkling Creek Valley in 2004. He entered Sparkling Creek Valley on August 1st, 2007.

His first alliance was formed with the Shadow Haunters, where he was the father of a number of their warriors. In December of 2007, Windsong became the mate of Tahti, the alpha female of the neutral Refudgees at Manahcob Downs. Their partnership would produce two separate litters of pups.

Shortly after th death of Tahti, at the Canyon, Windsong was attacked by Death Guardian. He suffered dense wounds that robbed him of most of his working memory. After receiving help from a wolf named Morgun, he continued the life of a loner under the name "Fenrir."

The later years of Windsong were spent solo. He would adopt a young coyote named Amari. He died on July 25th, 2009 succumbing to wounds received by Martyr. He would entrust the leadership of Manahcob Downs to Amari.

Bloodline in the ValleyEdit

Number of Offspring: 120

Descendants: 405

Generations: 4

Offspring: Achak, Alludia, Alsaxap, Alta, Amadahy, Amber, Aniu, Arson, Avara, Babooshka, Beaten, Big Wolf, Blackened Song, Bloodlust, Blue, Bluestar, Bria, Brute, Byakuha, Caraway, Cascade, Cigar, Citation, Comatose, Criminal, Death, Delta, Demos, DewPad, Disher, Doom, Dreamscape, Emerald, Eragorn, Excalibur, Exodus, Fastrack, Fell, Felony, Firey, Flint, Flurry, Forbidden, Foxtrot, Gold, Granite, Haiku, Half Moon, Haughty, Haunt, Hazard, Hero, Hresvelgr, Irial, Iridia, Isabel, Kahvi, Kalisto, Karma, Katina, Kaytara, Keeka, Kiara, Kincsem, Kodiak, Kove, Lady of the Night, Larka, Little Flame, Lone Star, Magnet, Maladay, Malice, Melody, Midkemia, Mildred, Minke, Morgan Le Fay, Mozambique, Mystic, Narnia, Nasl, Nava, Nazarae, Nighteyes, Nimbus, Oaka, Onarat, Palio, Pepper, Phantom, Phobos, Rataska, Ravenpaw, Reaper, Rebirth, Red Wing, Redemption, Revalation, Red, Rowan, Ryker, Saphira, Shadi, Silvertip, Speak, Spice, Star Gazer, Storm Bird, Summit, Susi, Swift, Sword, Terabithia, Togo, Vale, Velgarth, Victoria, Virosa, Vixen, Vorax, Vortex, Vulpin, White Fox, Whiteout, Wildfire, Wildsong, Xanadu, Ying-Yang, Zarya

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