Windsong, a white Arctic Wolf, was born outside of Sparkling Creek Valley in 2004. He was the son of two outside wolves, his sire Three Paw and his dam Queen. After being forcefully separated from his pack and relocated in Sparkling Creek Valley on August 1st, 2007

His first alliance was formed with the Shadow Haunters, where he served as a "pup supplier." His first intentions were to impregnate outside females and, later, remove several pups from their mother to join the Haunter pack. He eventually dropped this title after several quarrelsome, but successful months. He remained neutral, but remained force-breeding several females. In December of 2007, Windsong became the mate of Tahti, the alpha female of the neutral Refudgees at Manahcob Downs. This partnership lasted, where the duo had two litters of pups, until Tahti's unfortunate death in May of 2008.

Windsong continued to lead his pack, falling into a temporary love with Aphrodite, the descendant of the forever-enemies of Tahti's lineage. With the disapproval from his children, Windsong left his pack out of sorrow, for what was intended to be a temporary time. At the Canyon, Windsong was attacked by Death Guardian, a wolf whom Windsong had no past ties with, and nearly killed. The dying Windsong was tended to by Morgun, a sister to Death Guardian, until he regained his strength. At that point, Windsong was unaware of his past. He left Morgun after a month of recovery with nothing but the name "Fenrir."

The white wolf continued to wander. He encountered no one who could give him an answer to his past. He encountered a young coyote, Amari, who seemed to jog his memory, although in tattered fragments. One day, Fenrir/Windsong was attacked by an insane wolf, Martyr. Although he killed in in the end, the mortal wounds Windsong suffered could not be healed. He died on July 25th, 2009, giving Amari the right to rule Manahcob Downs.

Bloodline in the ValleyEdit

Number of Offspring: 120

Descendants: 405

Generations: 4

Offspring: Achak, Alludia, Alsaxap, Alta, Amadahy, Amber, Aniu, Arson, Avara, Babooshka, Beaten, Big Wolf, Blackened Song, Bloodlust, Blue, Bluestar, Bria, Brute, Byakuha, Caraway, Cascade, Cigar, Citation, Comatose, Criminal, Death, Delta, Demos, DewPad, Disher, Doom, Dreamscape, Emerald, Eragorn, Excalibur, Exodus, Fastrack, Fell, Felony, Firey, Flint, Flurry, Forbidden, Foxtrot, Gold, Granite, Haiku, Half Moon, Haughty, Haunt, Hazard, Hero, Hresvelgr, Irial, Iridia, Isabel, Kahvi, Kalisto, Karma, Katina, Kaytara, Keeka, Kiara, Kincsem, Kodiak, Kove, Lady of the Night, Larka, Little Flame, Lone Star, Magnet, Maladay, Malice, Melody, Midkemia, Mildred, Minke, Morgan Le Fay, Mozambique, Mystic, Narnia, Nasl, Nava, Nazarae, Nighteyes, Nimbus, Oaka, Onarat, Palio, Pepper, Phantom, Phobos, Rataska, Ravenpaw, Reaper, Rebirth, Red Wing, Redemption, Revalation, Red, Rowan, Ryker, Saphira, Shadi, Silvertip, Speak, Spice, Star Gazer, Storm Bird, Summit, Susi, Swift, Sword, Terabithia, Togo, Vale, Velgarth, Victoria, Virosa, Vixen, Vorax, Vortex, Vulpin, White Fox, Whiteout, Wildfire, Wildsong, Xanadu, Ying-Yang, Zarya